Monday, June 20, 2011

My Hope For The World

My Hopes for the Future – by Muhammad Mushamir Mustafa

My Hopes for the Future
That hope retains its light
For the desperate and successful and unsure
Hope shines the way for Youths, so bright,
And for the Eye of Truth to unravel
That to success all can travel,
Let blindness be forgotten and vanish,
Replaced by Justice, Knowledge, for all
Wise and responsible, un-tarnished
Those who learn, talk, or play the ball
And all those from black and white,
Full of religions or modernity
And what are politically left and right
Shall get unrivaled equality
With integrity, economy, and opportunity
Love is still a must
But not necessarily lust
Beware youths, of the health effects
Eat, drink, exercise regularly and no excess
The Age of Aquarius enlightens our spirituality,
Let us develop Peace in the world as faithfully
Wealth opportunities should be granted
Oh Companies of the World, create not
Unemployment, exploitation, labour robot
Youths are human, we feel discontent
We work and try to succeed with great Intent
These are my hopes for the Youths, Hope-sent