Sunday, July 17, 2011

A regular update

Our recent meet up entailed discussing and updating about our articles.

For Lionel, he has come up with some translating services. We're still processing which one would be the best - in terms of its efficiency in completing the translation as soon as possible and also if its at a reasonable price. It is planned to translate this report into Bahasa Malaysia as well as Mandarin, after the lingua franca English.

Secondly, in terms of deadlines, theoretically all our work is supposed to be submitted next week! We are all int he midst of rushing to get things done quickly to send it over for translation and then printing.

The One Young World delegates from Malaysia did come for an informal meet up at MyHarapan's headquarters recently. We discussed on tackling what issues that we were most strongly about as well as what is the best way to secure sponsorship for the 10 of us. 

Youth's 30-Second Message To The World (1YoungWorld) Malaysia