Saturday, September 3, 2011

Launching Towards the Summit

First off, this 31st of August is Malaysia’s 54th Independence Day! We usually name it Merdeka Day, Mederka meaning freedom in the Bahasa Malaysia language.

We, the One Young World Impact Report are proud to proclaim the completion of our report a few days ago.

After a penultimate look through by Mushamir and Jonathan, coupled with a post-launch meeting with Lionel, we discussed about what other things have been left out or needed to be added. We decided that a circular flag of Malaysia had to be included to polish the report in Malaysia’s pride. With email instructions, Jon supervised our art director Bernie for the last, final touches, and it was finally sent to the printer.

The report will be published soon. Please stay updated with this blog as we will announce its printing completion.

For now, Mushamir and Lionel are staying behind in Malaysia to handle the local media in Malaysia in spreading awareness about this report and One Young World.

Visionary Leader Michael Teoh, Project Leader/Editor Jonathan and Art Director Bernie are off to Zurich, Switzerland, for the One Young World Summit 2011 along with the CEO of MyHarapan, Mr. Roslan!

We wish them all the best of luck! Make Malaysia proud!

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